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You know you watch to much Avatar when you...
1. Attempt water bending when you go to the beach.
2. Despritly try to do your hair like Katara's, but fail miserably. >.<
3. Take a flame thrower and say: "PRINCE ZUKO LIVES!"
4. Are bannded from wal-mart becuase you keep hounding the clercks to cheak if they stock any Avatar DVDs or soundtracks.
5. Attempt earth bending.
6. Attempt air bending.
7. Attempt fire bending.
8. You claim you are the real, and true avatar.
9. You tape every episode.
10. You write avatar fanfiction.
11. You draw avatar fanart.
12. You have an avatar website.
13. You are visiting this website (thanks! ^__^)
14. You are reading this list.
15. You attempt any of the bending techniques, and acutally do it.
16. You shave your head and draw blue arrows on you head and
hands. -Submitted by Patience Halliwell
17. Adding to this list. -Submitted by Jessie Shumpert
18. You make a stuffed animal of Momo and Appa. -Submitted by ???
Have any to add to this list? Then fill out the form below and send em' in! We need more!^___^


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