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Nobody's Listening
By KirariSoldier
Peep the style and the kids checking for it.
Th enumber one question is:
How could we ignore it?
We drop right back in the cut.
Over basement tracks, With raps that got you backing this up like (Rrewind That).
We're Just Rolling With The RYTHM.
Rise from the ashes and of Stylistic Divisions.
With these non-stop lyrics of life living.
But in the mean time, there are those who wanna talk this and that.
So I suppose that it gets to a point feelings get hurt.
And get dirty with the people spreadind dirt.
(It Goes).
-"Nobody's Listeing", Likin' Park
"Nobody wants you! Who cares what happenes to you, worthless little BITCH!"
Sokka and Aang surrounded Katara and where attacking her verbally.
"Who needs you! NO ONE cares if you a here! Just die!"
Sokka spat as she pushed his sister to the ground.
"Sokka's right! I can become a great avatar without you, wench!"
Aang approched Katara more closely, backing her to the edge of a cliff
that over looked the Algol-Betelgese Ocean.
"What are y--" Katara was cut off as Aang shoved her off the cliff, and into the brisk ocean that lay
500 Feat Away. Katara screamed in horror as she pluged into the ocean below. The cold artic ocean
water piecered her skin, even through her Suede and Sheep Skin tunic and parka. Katara could
feel her breath leave her body. "Oh Gods... Is this the end?!" Her head screamed.
Katara let out a defining scream as she woke, startled and in a cold sweat.
Her chest, heaving up and down in her gossamer night gown. "Katara!" Aang rushed into her
tent, to see what the scream of distress was for. "What's wrong Katara?!" He asked, in a frightened tone.
Salty tears spilled over Katara's cheeks as she buried her head into her pillow. "Katara..." Aang as he
slowly crept over to her and knelt by her side, somthing her tangled hair with one of his hands.
"Katara... I can't help if I don't know what's wrong. Please... Tell me..." The sound of his vocie soothed her, telling her that
it was ok, that nothing was going to hurt her. Aang brought her into a warm embrace. "Please, Katara. What happened?" He asked in a
whisper, only audiable and ment for her to hear. "I-- I had a nightmare..." Her vocie was trembled as she spoke. "I was scared!
So scared..."
Her vocie trailed as she returned his emabrace. His warmth seeping through her thin night shirt. "Katara.... It's alright. I'm here."
More tears leaked from
her eyes, they slid off her cheeks, and made spots on the soft bedding below.
Aang cought sight of the tear trails on her face, and rubbed them away with his thumb.
"Thanks Aang, for stating with me, I mean." Katara said. Aang stood up, and walked to the entrence of the tent.
"It was my pleasure."
Author's Note:
So?! What do you think?! Please don't flame me, and I will update every day!^^ I love the way this story is starting out, and I plan to continue it for
many chapters.
That's if I get postive reviews from you all!
Much love,

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