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For the past few weeks since Avatar: Last Airbender's debute, I had searched and searched the net for good websites with legit info and a good amount of print media, media, images and what-not. But my attempts failed, and I was discourged. There is not one site, forum, or fanlisting devoted to Avatar yet. What a disapointment it was.
Then the little light bulb appered above my head. If you want somthing done right, you have to do it yourself. And thus, the idea, build a website devoted to the fandom of Avatar. And here you have it. A website, fanlisting, and message board all in one. Your one stop for all of your Avatar needs. Here you can find graphics, avatars, wallpapers, video clips, info and various other tid-bits.
Well, that said, enjoy yourself, don't steal bandwitdh, and have fun. And remeber, DON'T DIRECT LINK!

This site is owned and operated by Danielle Franklin. Avatar: Last Airbender is copyright (c) Nickelodeon, INC.

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