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Katara - Waterbender

Name: Katara
Age: 14
Eye Color: Blue/Azure
Physical Apperance: Long, dark amber colored hair, briaded at the nape of her neck. Slightly tanned skin tone. Thin build, close to avarage for a 14 year old teen.
Hobby/Past Time: Practising Water Bending, deflating Sokka's giant ego, saving Aang from trouble.
Love Intereast: Aang
One day while fishing with her older brother, Sokka, Katara was lured into a fit of rage, thus sending her emtions over the edge, as well her waterbending. Alowing this to happen, Aang was discovered in an Iceberg, and was freed. From that moment in history, she has never left his side, and has joined his quest to become the greatest Avatar that lived.
Katara is your normal, (well as normal as being the last water bender in your tribe can get), teen. She loves food, having fun, and most of allm being by Aang's side. Another redeaming quality that she poses us her never ending sencence of self.
Katara seems to have devolped a slight crush on Aang. It is only obvious in the cntext that she seems to save him in every act, calm his "avatar spirit" the first time it was sent over the edge, and hug him often.

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