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Aang - The Last Airbender& Avatar

Name: Aang
Age: 12
Eye Color: Brown/Grey/Teal (depending if his avatar is activated)
Physical Apperance: Shaved head with "arrow" symbols running the lenght of his back, arms, and legs. Lean build, avarge for a child of 12.
Hobbie/Past time: Ridding giant animals, getting into trouble, and getting out of it.
Romantic Interast: Katara
Retainer: Katara
Aang was sealed in a giant, cavernous iceberg for 100 years before being released by Katara and Sokka of the Southern Poll Water Tribe. Before his entrapment in the iceberg, Aang was under going training in the Southern Air Temple. He learned he was the Avatar before his 16th summer at the temple, and thus, he knows his destiny: Save the world or die trying.
Aang is a normal, bubbly 12 year old with a heart of gold. He loves to ride giant animals, have fun, and mostly please Katara. He is very out going, and by that couragous nature, he gets him self into trouble ALOT. But he always seems to find a way out.
By evidence presented in the first four acts, it would seem that Aang has a crush on Katara, and vice-versa. In Act 4: The Warriors of Kyoshi, Aang attemps to ride the Elephant Koi fish, but then almost gets eaten by an Unagi in the proccess. Once again Katara comes to his rescue. In Act 1: The Boy in the Iceberg, after he is realsed, he smiles at Katara in a beatific way, and a giant smile on his face. And at the end of Act 4, he is estatic as Katara throws herself on him.

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